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On me: romper via Paris, jacket via Zara (on sale), second jacket via Zara (on sale),  thigh high boots via Hong Kong (similar) or (similar), earrings via Forever21 and Ring via Ardene 
BCHK Photography

Stepping out of my comfort zone with an all black outfit, nearly getting ran over, and slightly risqué neck detailing.
This past December, Brian invited me to attend Backroom's second birthday celebration with him and Mildred.
Since it was a special event, I got to wear a romper I never had an occasion to wear to.
 The romper was a special find in a boutique located in Paris. It was slightly riskier due to the transparent outlining, but I felt worn with the right clothing and accents, could be pulled off as a serious statement.

Wanting to make this look as dramatic as possible I went with a dark purple lip, and crazy contouring.
I even used mascara, a product I loathe taking off at night.
Accessory wise these egyptian-esuqe earrings were a no brainer, along with my favourite watch and a single ring to accompany the look.

The day started off meeting with Brian at Pacific Place, where I was brought to Classified, a European-style al Fresco casual cafe in Hong Kong. The restaurant was a great place to talk and catch up with Brian, because it wasn't the type of place where you were rushed. No, this place held a variety of smoothies (that tasted not bad I must admit), and a killer menu that took me forever to order from.
I knew coming to Hong Kong I was going to toss the concept of a "healthy diet" out of the window, so I opted for a salad, because I knew the rest of my time in Hong Kong would be spent munching on sweets i.e. froyo, matcha parfaits, waffles, crepes, etc
Along with the salad, Brian convinced me to share a cheeseboard.
It was great.

Entering an intense food coma, and barely finishing our meal, Brian and I decided to shoot some outfit pictures for the remainder of the day before meeting Mildred for dinner.
As many time's I've worked with Brian, it never gets old.
Every time he always aids me in finding my best angles, and giving me a variety of pictures.
(that sometimes don't get placed in my blog posts, or else it'd be considered spam)

The remainder of the evening was spent at the Backroom party, catching up with other Hong Kong bloggers I haven't met in a while, along with making new friends. I must say though, the highlight of the event was the sparse variety of food available, ranging from popcorn, ice cream, cookies and so forth.
It was truly a night that inspired me.
Till next time lovelies!

Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

Xo Charmyn

Ps: Here's a snippet of what went down at the Backroom party, incase you were interested.
Can you spot me? ;)



On me: sweater via Ardene, skirt via H&M, heels via Ardene, bag via Michael Kors and earring via Hong Kong A while back, I was lucky enough to attend Vancouver Fashion Week along with my friend Brian. It was a spontaneous decision, Brian's visit. What started off as a joke of 'if only you were here', spurred onto an actual flight and game plan for 32 hours. Within the brief moments Brian and I shared during his visit to eat burgers, sushi, and critique fashion, we managed to capture several outfits. Here's one of them. I've never been one for resolutions (due to my inability to keep them), however a wish of mine is to integrate more substance into my blog, such as my writing. Previously I've been self conscious on my musings and thoughts, but now that I have course work that consist a lot of writing. To improve, I plan to use my blog to practice writing, while providing more in depth content to all of you. Speaking from personal preference, I am not a fan of spontaneity or unplanned things. Usually when things aren't planned at least one hour in advance, or are cancelled last minute, I end up stressing myself. However, after going through a repetitive process of change this past year, I can officially say that some things are best left unknown. Or as I prefer to call it 'blurred' (because I like to have some knowledge on the situation at hand) The majority of times, as much as I'd like to have control over the situation, I do not. Regardless, there are moments where being vulnerable and naive can bring surprises and beautiful experiences. And sometimes when I ponder the past (mainly during a food coma), the best moments I can recall have been ones where I placed no expectation on the outcome. With that being said, I should resume my poetry assignment. Till next time lovelies!

Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

Xo Charmyn



On me: Jacket via HK, Pants via Motelrocks, top via Cotton On, shoes via Forever 21& bag via Winners 

During my trip to Hong Kong I managed to meet up with the sassy blogger Nick Chan of Cut&Copy!
Taking up a local hotspot, Nick brought me to Mido Cafe, a 'cha chan tang' where many locals enjoy frequenting.
The cafe was located in Yau Ma Tei, a location I never visited before, not even during my first sixteen years of living in Hong Kong. So it was thrilling yet nerve wracking to discover an unfamiliar d
(I think I nearly got ran over five times trying to cross a road)
Surprisingly, Yau Ma Tei was nothing like its neighboring district, Mong Kok.
Instead it held a lot of unique charm with the aging buildings and local establishments, constrasting the kitsch and colourful scene Mong Kok usually displays.

After shooting several shots in the restaurant and around Yau Ma Tei, Nick and I departed ways where I headed to meet my girl Janice!
It's been two years since I last saw this girl (view Alive and Summer's High), so I was looking forward to hear stories of Janice's new life studying in Boston.
Walking around, we discovered several locations and began shooting random pictures to relive our tradition of always shooting one and other every time we met up. 
Till next time lovelies!

Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees
Xo Charmyn

Unfamiliar Skies


On me: sweater dress, boots & earrings via Hong Kong

It's weird being back in Hong Kong, the city which I used to call home.

A lot of things have changed in the past two years...
Rising prices for food, clothes, and transit fares among other things.
An increase in designer brand stores fueling the developing new market.
Places I used to frequent have either disappeared or expanded to their own store.
I guess I'm not used to this change, as I was away for so long.

These photos were taken during my shoot with Joyce.
The day started off with one of my favourite sushi places, Itacho Sushi, where I introduced Joyce to the experience known as seared salmon sushi. In return, Joyce showed me a new place she discovered, Matcha House, for desserts.
I've never heard of matcha fondue, but eating it was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Hong Kong.
Almost entering food comas, we located a roof to shoot some casual shots of each other.
Here are the results.

Till next time lovelies!

Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees
Xo Charmyn


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